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Troop Meetings

Troop Meetings are held on Friday Nights at 7:30pm

at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help School Hall

on 111 - 10 115th Street

Enter on the 111th avenue entrance.

Meeting Plans for January 26, 2001 to March 30, 2001

January 26, 2001

            No Meeting - Troop Trip

February 2, 2001

Knots Meeting I         

Scouts will learn to tie the following knots

Overhand knot, Square Knot, The Shoelace Bow, The Clove Hitch

Two Half Hitches, Taut-Line Hitch, Larks Head

                        Inter-Patrol Activity

                                    Knot tying relay

  February 9, 2001

Knots Meeting II

Scouts will learn to tie the following knots

Sheet Bend, Bowline, Timber hitch

Sheepshank, Figure eight, Stopper Knot

                        Inter-Patrol Activity

                                    Knot tying relay

  February 16, 2001

            Orienteering Meeting I

                        Scout will learn the how to use a compass

                                    The 16 Points of a compass

                                    The Degrees of a compass

                                    Different types of compasses

                                    How to operate a compass

                                    How to find a reading on a compass

                        Inter-Patrol Activity

                                    Compass Pie

                                                Each member of the patrol gets a piece of the compass

One point of the compass will be place in its proper place the patrol member will run up and place his pice down were he thinks it belongs he will then go back and get another piece and get on line again (repete with each patrol member until there are no more pieces of the pie).  the team who has the most number of pieces in their correct places wins the competition.  Scouts can place there piece on top of another if they feel it is wrong No piece may be moved once it is placed.


February 23, 2001

            Orienteering Meeting II

                        Scout will learn the how to Read a map

                                   The different types of maps

                                    The map Legend

                                    Contour Lines

                                    Map Reading

                        Inter-Patrol Activity

                                   Compass Course

  March 2, 2001

            Game Night

  March 9, 2001

           First Aid Meeting I

                        Scouts will learn basic first aid skills

                                   What is First Aid

                                    Different types of Injuries

                                    How to treat for Shock

                                    Head, Foot, and Hand, Knee Bandages

                                    Splints and Stretchers

                        Inter-Patrol Activity

                                    First Aid Relay

                                                Build Stretcher, Place Bandages and splints on a victim

                                                Carry victim to safety

March 16, 2001

            First Aid Meeting II

                        Scouts will learn basic first aid skills

                                    Heimlich Maneuver, CPR, Burns, & Blisters

                                    Bites & Stings, Poison Plants

                        Inter-Patrol Activity

                                    First Aid Question Relay

  March 23, 2001

            Lashing Meeting I

                        Learn how to lash two sticks together 

                                    What are lashings use for

                                    Square Lashing

                                    Diagonal Lashing

                        Inter-Patrol Activity

                                   Lashing Race

                                                Lash three sticks together using 2 Square lashings

                                                And 1 diagonal lashing Making a triangle.

                                                Transport one of the patrol members with the triangle

                                                Make a complete circle around the hall.  First patrol

                                                To round the hall and have the lashings correct wins.

  March 30, 2001

            Lashing Meeting II

                        Learn three new lashings

                                    Shear lashing, Tripod lashing, Round Lashing

                        Inter-Patrol Activity

                                    Make a camp gadget using lashings