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Star Rank

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SM.- ___SCOUT NAME___ In receiving your star rank tonight, you are taking giant step toward becoming an Eagle Scout, the goal of all true scouts. You have now earned at least six merit badges, four of which are from the eagle list.  You have also begun to realize that there are many intresting things to Learn about in scouting, Some of these badges you earned were hard and some were fun, but with each one you learned something different.  That may benefit you in years to come.  

Now it is time for you to leave behind that group which receives scouting and be admitted to a smaller group whose privilege and duty it is to give back to scouting what scouting has given to them.  Now is the time for you to give leadership, guidance and inspiration to younger scouts who will follow your lead. Your willingness to do so will be a pledge of service and a sign that your understanding of the ideals of scouting are growing with your increasing stature.  The fun and fellowship of the past will be accompanied in the future by a deep satisfaction of your service to younger scouts.  

Keep on the  trail of scouting spirit and participation until you reach the rank of Eagle Scout. Keep the spirit of service alive in your daily life, for your sake and for the sake of the scouts who follow where you lead. May this star badge be a constant reminder of the star of service that will shine as a guide to lead you on your trail to eagle. In recognition of your hard work and Achievements we are presenting you with the Star Scout Patch and Mothers pin.


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