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Palm Ceremony II

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Your position as an eagle scout is one of honor and also responsibility. As an eagle scout, you have assumed a solemn duty to do your duty to god, to country, to your fellow scouts, and to humanity. As you live up to your obligations, you bring honor to yourself and your fellow scouts. When you fail, you bring down by so much the good name of all true and worthy scouts.

Your responsibility goes beyond your fellow scouts to your country. America has a lot to give you and your children after you, but these good things depend, for the most part, on the character and leadership abilities of her citizens. You are to help her in all that she needs most. She has a great past. You are to make her future even greater.

Be a leader, but lead only to the best. Lift up every task that you do and every office you hold to the highest level of service to god and your fellow man. So lice and serve, that those who know you will be inspired to the finest living. We have too many who use their strength and brains it exploit others and to gain selfish ends. I charge you to be among those who dedicate their skills and abilities to the common good.

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