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Palm Ceremony I

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The white section of the eagle badge stands for honor, the first responsibility of an eagle scout. An eagle’s honor is sacred. Honor is the foundation of all character. Character is what you really are, not what you think you are. Shakespeare once said "my honor is my life, both grow in one. Take honor from me and my life is done. " an eagle’s life should influence his family, church, school and friends in a positive manner. May the white of your badge remind you to always live with honor.

The second obligation of an eagle scout is loyalty, represented by the blue on your badge. Without loyalty, character lacks direction. Neither pain nor profit, pride nor personal loss shall change him in his loyalty. The blue is an emblem of loyalty.

Your third obligation as an eagle is to live with courage, represented by the red on your badge. Courage gives character force and strength. Trusting in god and with faith in his fellow man, he faces each new day unafraid and seeks his share of the worlds work to do. Let the red always remind you of courage.

the final obligation of an eagle is service. He extends a helping hand to those who still struggle on the trail to eagle. The habit of a daily good turn must take on a new meaning through a lifetime of service to all who need him. He will always be prepared to put forth his best effort.

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