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Life Rank

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The heart has always been an emblem of courage, strength and service to others. It is the emblem of life itself. For you, the scout oath and law will mean more to you than ever before. You will make them the keynotes of your conduct. You are now entering the last steep step that leads to the top of the pedestal that of the rank of Eagle Scout.   The heart on this badge symbolizes the strength and courage you will need to earn your way into the brotherhood of Eagle Scouts. It also reminds you to keep yourself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, and to be of service to others. 

You are almost at the end of your scouting trail.  You have earned five more merit badges three of which are from the eagle list.  You have shown leadership, and guidance to your fellow scouts.  You have also continued to participate in service projects for both your troop and your community.  soon you will be given the opportunity to plan an d to lead you own service project.  DON'T STOP NOW!!! Continue to grow in leadership and knowledge and to share your knowledge with others.  As I present you with this rank of life scout, may the red heart remind you of the great things that you have received from scouting and the fine things you carry in your heart as a pledge to scouting and your fellow man. In recognition of your achievements we are presenting you with the Life Scout Patch, along with this Mothers Pin in recognition of her love, encouragement and her faith in you.


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