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A Scouts Blessing

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Heavenly Father, Yours is the sovereignty;

yours is the world and all that is in it.

You made these scouts red, yellow, brown,

white and black.

You made them tall and short, large and thin,

rich and poor, young and old; and these

scouts and leaders are all your children.

Yet you gave them stewardship over your realm.

Grant them therefore, your wisdom in the

discharge of their duties; Teach them to

cooperate rather to compete, to respect

rather than to revile, to forgive

rather then condemn.

Guide the leaders in the way of peace, and show

each of them your will in all things. Your son

turned from no one. He helped those in need,

he served the poor and hungry, he healed

the sick and broken hearted, and

finally gave his life to save all of mankind.

May these scouts learn like him,

to be open to the heritage of the divine that

you have implanted in each of them your children.

Help them to care for their subordinates;

to have patience with them, and to give respect

to their leaders and to all those in authority.

To show great love, honor and respect

for their country.

Teach them to pray for their enemies,

and to love those who hate them, and to

show mercy to all people.

Finally, May they forge a bond of love that

will make a living reality, the faith in which

we profess to believe.

But above all , grant us discernment of

true justice and the courage to seek it,

so that when you come again in glory,

you may receive a world holy and

pleasing in your sight. Amen.

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